It's time to UP your bicycle swag!!!

bicycle mudguards with GPS tracker

One of the many rainy rides our founder and avid cyclist Shayaz Kaka was on his way to work since he disliked Mudguards never had one on his bicycle and was soaking wet as he reaches work.

He then started looking for Mudguard options in the market, nothing caught his fancy. That is when he decided to design one that was more than a mudguard.

The criteria were portability, no zip ties, no screws, no velcro, and easy to store.

A couple of months later Muc N Tuc is born. We are currently based out of India and Germany and super stoked to bring to you our very first Mudguard, a mudguard which is so much more.

It is lightweight, folds to the size of your phone for easy storage and has a GPS tracker. All our mudguards are made with 100% recyclable plastic.